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How to Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Teaching is the profession that creates all other profession

Do you think that you are a Subject Matter Expert in any course? Are you interested in transferring your knowledge to others? Then here is a golden opportunity for you to pursue your passion. Teach the students at the comfort of your home at your flexible time. We are expecting an interactive and student-led training session. So, what are you waiting for? Fill the form and register yourself as an instructor.

Instructor Rules

  • Kindly do not disclose your personal details to parents or trainees.
  • Request you to give prior information if taking planned or unplanned leave.
  • Need to be punctual.
  • Assessments should be conducted for trainees whenever necessary and the feedbacks to be shared with us.
  • You are expected to inform us a month ago if you wish to discontinue the service from our academy.
  • In case of any misconduct, the management has the full rights to take actions accordingly.
  • We will pay you at the end of every month according to the number of sessions taken by you.
  • After the class, please send the topics covered for the session and also feedback about the trainees.
  • If you have any issue or query, please reach out to us.
  • Please keep it in mind that demo session will not be considered for payment.
  • Process of recruitment

  • Apply online via the link
  • Validation of resume and quotation
  • Demo session
  • Join our community.
  • Demo with the trainees.
  • Become an instructor.
  • We're here to help

    Our Instructor Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through your course creation needs. Use our Teaching Center, a resource center to help you through the process.This community group is always on, always there, and always helpful.


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