Spoken English

Want to fluently speak the universal language of today? Enroll the course and learn the language from basics.

Last Update 18 Jun 2022
Course Name : Spoken English
Subject Name : Spoken English

About This Course

English is the language of international communication. English is one of the most important languages for business. English gives a wider access to knowledge. Knowing English increases the chances of getting a good job in desired place and company. It increases the confidence and boosts the visibility.

Learning Objectives

To speak the language fluently and confidently without any grammatical errors

To stand out from the competitor

Communicate with Global audience


  • Knowledge of English alphabets, basic words and exposure
  • Computer or Laptop with Webcam and internet connection
  • Willingness to learn and develop a new skill

Target Audience

  • Anybody who is willing to learn the English language
  • Whoever wants to communicate without grammatical errors
  • To climb up the career ladder